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Our Mission

We are faithful disciples of Christ who make disciples of all people by lovingly calling upon people to trust and follow Christ and by training fellow disciples to grow deeper in their faith and obedience to Him (Matt 28:18-20). Simply put, our mission is this—Be disciples. Make disciples.


A fuller statement of beliefs are available upon request.

  • We believe that the Bible is inspired and are the very words of God given as a gift to humanity, instructing the church and His world.

  • We believe that there is one God who is triune: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. 

  • God is Creator of all things, who created humanity in His image with the purpose to know Him and enjoy a full life under His caring rule. 

  • We believe that all people are created in the image of God and are endowed with dignity and worth.

  • We believe that humanity fell into sin and because of this sin we each face judgment, unless we are forgiven. Our rebellion against God has brought pain, suffering and judgment from God in our world and into our lives.

  • We believe that because God is holy and loving, He sent Jesus into the world to save humanity. He lived a perfect life, died on the cross in the place of sinners, and was resurrected so that by His life, death and resurrection, all who repent and trust in Him will be forgiven.

  • We believe that if any person repents and trusts in Jesus, they are fully and finally forgiven regardless of their past sins. 

  • We believe that the church is God’s creation, a family of believers whose mission is to make disciples.

  • We believe that Jesus will return and judge all people, alive or dead, and restore creation to His intended state— a place where holiness, justice and love reigns forever.

Our Commitments

We are
All About the Bible.

We believe that God Himself spoke the words of the Bible, so it is a book that we treasure and trust. We are a church passionate about first hearing what God says. The Bible is our supreme guide to what we believe and what we practice. So as a church, this governs what we believe, what we value, what we teach, how we make decisions. It informs every part of church life. As a church, you will find us reading it, studying it, and teaching on it. And we will try to do everything in our power to obey what it says. From the crib to the cane, we train disciples to know the Bible through and through.

We are
Focused on Being and Making Disciples.

We are interested in being the most mature followers of Jesus that we can be. And we are equally committed to helping others join us as we follow Jesus. This is the Lord’s commands to His church (Matthew 28:18-20) and all that we do as a church keeps this in front of our eyes. We have a great time together, but we never forget that our lives are centered around this focus.

We are
Oriented Around Service.

God created us to serve Him by serving others. We desire that all people in our church be involved in serving—whether the church or the community. Everyone should be on the lookout for opportunities to put their gifts and talents to good use. We believe that every member needs to be involved in the ministry of their church and no ‘player’ should be on the bench. After all, only as each of us serves can our church become the vibrant and mature community of disciples that Christ calls us to be.

We are
Centered on Jesus and the Good News.

We believe that power and hope for life come through Jesus and the Good News. Our hope is not in ourselves but in Jesus and His work to save people from sins. We do not preach a message of human self-improvement, because this will not truly change people or our world. The message that we are essentially okay and just need a little help is a tragic message and leads to more misery and not freedom. We lift up Jesus as the Good News we are all longing for. When we give our lives to Jesus, He brings power to change our lives and our world.

We put
God and People in the Right Order.

We believe that God is the most worthy and deserving person in the universe, so we want to know Him. As important as people are, we are always in second place. We believe that as we focus our lives on God we will naturally love people more, not less. Humanity’s problem is that we focus too much on ourselves. Our culture lives like happiness comes when we focus on ourselves. And sadly sometimes we adopt this mentality in our churches as well. But we believe that this is actually the problem. When we get the priorities right, amazing things start to happen. Only as we focus on God and not self will we start to understand life and enjoy it. We want to be a church that is about God first and not first about you or me. This is welcome relief from the self-centered world we face daily.

We are
Dedicated to Relationships.

People who are serious about following the Lord will find a family in our church that will support them and build relationships with them for the long-haul. We are committed to being a loving family where people can find grace and support to help in their spiritual growth. The church is meant to be a family, and we are working hard to be a community that is just that- a community.

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