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Why Go Anywhere Else?

Read Col 2:8-15

In this section God warns us not to be captured by false teaching that says we need more than Jesus to be complete. This section reminds us that all that we need is found in Christ.

Paul firmly warns us not to be taken captive by false thinking and beliefs that are out of line with Christ and His teachings (2:8). Sometimes we may not be able to see or detect ways that we have been taken captive by false thinking until the Holy Spirit shines a spotlight on our lives.

Take a few minutes and ask God to reveal areas of your life where you have begun to be captured by beliefs that are contrary to Jesus and cause you to think that spiritual help is needed elsewhere.

But God does not give us a barren warning and command He also provides us with substantial reasons to stay focused on Christ and not stray from focusing upon Him (see 2:9-15). He lists 6 reasons why we do not have to be taken captive by thinking that we need more than Jesus. Scan the section and see if you can come up with 6 reasons to never follow any other teaching and teacher, than Jesus. (I give you the 6 reasons at the bottom, but for now try to find this yourself!)

Out of each of these reasons given, explain why each reason helps us escape from the grip of non-Christ-centered false teaching?

Which reason is most helpful for you RIGHT NOW in keeping you focused on Christ for growth?

One of the reasons given is that Christians have been given a “fullness” that we need to know and walk with Christ (2:10a). The ESV is a little unclear here. The NIV does a better job and translates this verse, "And in Christ you have been brought to a fullness." God cannot mean that this “fullness” indicates that we will have “full” money or “full” ease. The Bible certainly does not teach that (nor does our experience)! It means that all that we need to be fully mature and be godly— now and forever— we have in Jesus Christ. We have spiritual fullness in Christ.

This means that the struggle that we face in our maturity and growth can be related to the failure to believe and trust that all that we need for spiritual growth, maturity and spiritual change we already have in Jesus Christ.

How does relying on this reality change how you approach spiritual growth?

There is always an ongoing temptation to think that we need another source for spiritual growth and maturity. But you do not need another source of spiritual growth and maturity other than Jesus! Having Jesus is having all that you need. Why go anywhere else?

----------------------------------- Answers ----------------------------------------

Reason #1 Jesus is fully God so we can get nothing better than Him! (9a)

Reason #2 We have all fullness in Jesus so we need no other spiritual fullness than Him! (10a)

Reason #3 Jesus is supreme over every power and every authority so there is no one greater we must look to or obey! (10b)

Reason #4 We have been transformed and renewed so He can and will change us still! (11-13a)

Reason #5 Jesus has forgiven us all of our sins so we do not have to seek another help to be right with God! (13b-14)

Reason #6 Jesus has removed demonic power to overwhelm or destroy us any longer so we do not have to live in fear of spiritual forces or try to get their help! (15)

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